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Back to School!!

On thursday this week i started at school again after spring break and i'm not a 10th grader! Starting school again was actually pretty okay...ofcourse it's a little boring and i know there'll be much work ahead this year but the sooner we get started the sooner we finnosh right?! Haha....ofcourse it was also good to see my friends again and my "special" friend ;) as this is my last year at "junior" high here in norway we have our exams, and that i am NOT looking forward too at all. I think i can say that i am atleast okay in school. I had a straight B last year and i almost never get into trouble. I'm a little nerd actually ;) haha

Just next week, FIRST real week of school we have two paper dues and on thirsday, which was first day of work, we had a math test! A MATH TEST! on first day back from was complete and utter bull s**t

But hey, it has to start to get finished so ;)

Next post will be tomorrow: Relationship trouble...maybe.


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