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passion_pancake's Journal

I. Me. Myself.
I am only me, no one else. I have my own style, mind and thoughts. Though I take in inspiration from other people I admire, I don’t let other people’s opinion on me, my style or how I choose to live. I see myself as an open minded, nice and easy going person although I can be a little shy and closed at the start off a new friendship. I believe in peace, what is here and now and that there is a meaning to why we are here. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Now, I know that that sounds cryptic and shallow but to be able to survive in this terrible world we live in, we HAVE to believe that everything bad that happens in our life happens for a reason.
I am my own person and I like being one of a kind, someone who doesn’t just mend in to the crowd. I’m glad I’m not one of them wannabe teenage girls who desperately want what everyone else has just because they have it. That I don’t need to look like that, or have that to be happy. I’m GLAD I’m not one of the popular people who has a 100 of “friends”. I’m THANKFULL for having REAL friends, although it’s not a hundred, those I have are REAL. They support me, and I support them. They love me, and I love them. So, it doesn’t matter that I only have 10 friends instead of a 100 when my 10 would stick with me in thick and thin and their 100 probably would look the other way.
Although I’m not the most fashion “addicted” person, I like to think that I have a style. That that style is mine and I try to have it as much “me” as possible.
I am an “in the closet” bisexual, and happy with my sexuality. I have come to terms with who I am and who I like, and I am ready to let the world know, slowly but surely.
I am not the sportiest person, I don’t have the thinnest and most well trained body but I think I can say that my physical shape is good ENOUGH and that I love having curves instead of being thin.
My style can pretty much be specified the same way as my music taste. Weird, special, goes by my “mood of the day” and has ALMOST no boundaries or limits. I can say that I’m a little boyish and dark. I like wearing dark colors, “sag” a little and of course I love skulls!!!
If I were to define my music taste I’d have to write a whole page but I’ll write down the ”basics”. I’m a little dark here to, I like a lot of rock and a little alternative/metal. But I’m also completely on the other side with calm and soft pop. A easier way to show my taste of music Is a list of some of my favorite artist/bands at the moment so here you go:
Pink, Paramore, Reece Mastin, MacKenzie Bourg, Metallica, Biffy Clyro, Avril Lavigne, Fall out boy etc.
I am actually from Norway, but I love love love meeting new people from all around the world on the internet. It’s actually a funny story, one of my best friends live in another country far away and we got to know each other online and are now going old fashion by writing letters.
One of my other passions except music is Tv-series and I’ll give you a short list of that too:
Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, PLL, Supernatural, Buffy the vampire slayer, Charmed, OTH, Criminal minds….
Other than that I’m a 15 year old teenager, happily taken for almost two years and crazy like a rat!
Please, ask me anything! I love to make new friends <3

My Journal will be about my life, my passions and things i love.